About Us

Who we are?

We are team of deep hard working professional developers that are dedicate to their work honestly. People know how to make a new things we make their work easier by developing templates, designs, and software. We make digital product for a premium quality. Working for over 360000 hours we ensure work is utmost for client. Affordable pricing makes product feasible for any person to buy and incorporate in his project. Appearance for any digital product is the greatest thing. We provide amazing; awesome designs so you can rely on us. We make completely editable content for selling on web making your work done easier and faster.


Why you should choose us?

People have different demands for everything. We provide professional design, templates and software. We make it easier for anyone (newbie or web savvy) customize new template. Help and support provided with every template. High quality Premium Business card Template .High resolution design for pixel perfect printing. This makes them considering a caring support and professional providers.


About Our Products

We deliver digital products, Corel Draw Templates, Photoshop templates, Corel Designs, Html CSS designs, Banners, Flash presentation Designs of premium good quality are cater to our clients. Provide professional services to Freelancers, Designs architects, coders, Software Programmers, Website Designs and list is still increasing. Also provides with business cards templates, designs, to product flyers, brochures designs and reports templates.

You can think of our product as the easiest way to build your product. Do more work with less time consumed. Find best templates depending on the specs and other options.Websites design templates for customized CSS styles and themes for enhanced professional ventures or businesses.

Quality is premium with products and support for customer usage of products.

Payments Method

Payments are secure using authenticated PayPal system. SSL 256bit for the domain we have installed in our website. Customer receives invoices via email for product.

Personal Support

ThatsMyStore.com is a place where people get help for work they wanted Do it yourself and in a less expensive manner.If you have questions about choosing, purchasing or editing our templates, you can contact support. For popular questions, you can see our FAQ section where we defined the most popular questions of our product descriptions and updates. Our tech support team help you in 1 working day.


Regard’s Team